“The R.E.A.L Music studio is a childhood dream turned adult cubby house for which to create dope shit…”

– Beat Magazine

Since 2012 a group of like-minded, young creatives have together contributed to the development of art and culture. Based in Melbourne but not limited by geography. Birthed in urban lifestyle but not restricted by ideas. Today R.E.A.L Music is an independent management company,  record label and creative collective at the forefront of music, events and media in Australia.

A dream born in the basement of brothers Juñor and Matthew Craig, the collective that is R.E.A.L Music has over its’ short lifespan been recognised globally for its creative endeavours; namely for engaging branding and imagery, unique and highly popular events, and a range of progressive and professional releases.

The recruitment of a team of talented individuals, combined with continual learning on-the-go sees R.E.A.L operate daily with over two decades worth of experience in music industry performance and management – evidenced through strong established relationships with an influential network of publications, venues, record labels, radio shows/hosts, digital stores and distributors across the entire globe. The artists associated with R.E.A.L Music have achieved a range of accolades including national chart positioning, touring, acclaimed media reviews, national and international radio play and over a million collective online streams and views.

“There’s no doubt R.E.A.L Music will continue to explore new and innovative ways to captivate audiences and win fans around the country…” Speaker TV

“Partying in warehouses, quality local hip hop and heady psytance; from the talents of Melbourne collective R.E.A.L Music.” InTheMix